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Oregon Lottery Offers Offbeat Options for Summer Sports Wagers - Newstbt.com

Tiffany Burroughs
Updated: 9 August 2023
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Oregon Lottery’s DraftKings Sportsbook is presenting fans of non-conventional sports a distinct selection of uncommon betting choices.

Sports bettors in Oregon can bet on who they think will take down the competition and stomach the most dogs.

This summer, Oregon is spicing up sports betting with some interesting offers. The American Cornhole League World Championship and Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest are two prime examples. Come late July, sports bettors in Oregon can try their luck on who will win the Cornhole League World Championship. The Tour de France beginning July 1 and Major League Baseball’s Homerun Derby on July 10 are also great bet opportunities. But Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on July 4 promises to be an event to remember, with sports bettors in Oregon getting the chance to guess who will take down the competition and eat the most hotdogs. All of this demonstrates that summer is definitely not too quiet when it comes to sports betting in Oregon.
In 2020, Arizona, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Colorado, and Michigan made wagering on competitive eating legal for licensed sportsbooks. Joey Chestnut, the reigning champion of the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest held in Coney Island, will return this year to defend his title. Chestnut has won 15 titles in the past seven years and Miki Sudo has won eight titles in the women’s division since its inception in 2011.

States are Measuring the Competitive Eating Market

Competitive eating isn’t just restricted to Coney Island – it’s a nationwide event! This year, Gambling.com did a study that showed 17 major league competitions held across the United States. Nevada topped this list of states, along with the remainder of the top five – Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, and Tennessee. Adding to that impressive statistic, Nevada also counts three of their own citizens as members of the Native Major League Eating circuit. Cory Hemphill, the Oregon Lottery’s sports betting product manager, states that events with smaller crowds can be just as promising when it comes to profit and opportunity for entertainment. There’s no need to fear getting an upset stomach – it’s all in good fun! Heading back to Oregon, it’s clear this could become a great time-filler during the warmest season of the year.

Back to the Beaver State

In October 2019, Oregon launched digital sports betting, which has become a real powerhouse for the state lottery. As the summer rolls around, the state is looking towards more off-beat betting to keep fans engaged, although Governor Tina Kotek has indicated her opposition to the expansion of tribal casinos or gambling in general.

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Updated: 9 August 2023
2 min to read

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