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Binion’s Million Dollar Display Makes its Las Vegas Comeback

Tiffany Burroughs
Updated: 5 August 2023
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Binion’s Gambling Hall & Hotel, located in downtown Las Vegas, has unveiled an all-new Million-Dollar display – a much-loved photo-op that has returned to Fremont Street.
Binion’s, Million-Dollar Display

Terry Caudill, owner of Binion’s Gambling Hall, and the casino’s Senior Executive Director of Operations, Tim Lager, pose behind the long-awaited new Million-Dollar Display, which is set to make its grand public debut on June 16th, 2021, a full 18 months after it was removed due to the onset of the pandemic. The display is encased in plexiglass and brims with $420,000 in one-dollar bills, $688,000 in twenty-dollar bills, and $270,000 in hundred-dollar bills, amounting to a grand total of one million dollars. It’s a sight that is sure to cause Dr. Evil to put his pinkie to his lips with glee. Souvenir snaps are encouraged.

Souvenir Snaps   

The display weighs a total of 356 pounds – 174 pounds of U.S. currency and 182 pounds of plexiglass – as per a Binion’s news release (although no one is actually asking you to test your strength). Rather, all you have to do is drop by, snap a free souvenir photo of the eye-catching million dollar display and be on your way. In stark contrast to earlier displays where you had to wait to receive your photo, this delightful experience is now completely automated. You can either choose to get your photo sent to your email address or mobile device right away, or use the new backdrop to put yourself in the picture – as if you are standing right on Fremont Street, in front of Binion’s, with a season of handmade cheese in your arms! This 24/7 attraction is located right next to the All Access Players Club on the casino floor.

Benny Binion, a former Dallas gangster-turned-Las Vegas casino entrepreneur, was the mastermind behind the creation of Binion’s Horseshoe, which was formerly the Eldorado Club and Apache Hotel on Fremont Street. Purchased in 1951, this was Binion’s Brainchild.

Binion’s Brainchild

Binion had a knack for marketing, and through raising the table limits and accepting bets of any size, he quickly made a name for his Horseshoe casino. Together with his sons, Ted and Jack, he created the World Series of Poker, which popularized tournament poker in the form of freezeout-style games with ever-rising blind levels. His casino was also the first downtown location to swap out sawdust floors for carpets and make free drinks complements for all gamblers, not just high rollers. He even invented the Million-Dollar Display, which featured a giant Horseshoe encasing 100 10K dollar bills. The display was sold by his daughter, Becky Behnen, in 2000, but eventually returned as a pyramid stack of cash in 2008, when Terry Caudill of TLC Gaming Enterprises took over the casino.

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Updated: 5 August 2023
2 min to read

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