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Massachusetts to Require Age Warning on Stadium Sportsbook Logos - Newstbt.com

Tiffany Burroughs
Updated: 7 August 2023
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On Thursday, Massachusetts regulators voted to mandate that sportsbooks must include specific language on their logos in sports venues emphasizing that betting is only allowed for individuals aged 21 and over.
Boston's Fenway Park
After voting in favor of requiring 21 and over signs, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission defended its decision as a measure to protect minors from becoming potential victims of the burgeoning sports gaming industry in the state. At Thursday’s meeting, the Commission voted 3-2 to require all standalone logos for lawful sportsbook operations in venues such as Fenway Park to include a 21 and over warning. The rule, which the Commission believes should come into effect within 90 days of being formally published on Friday, will limit these logos to sports arenas. The aim of this regulation is to prevent minors from being exposed to sportsbook advertising, thus protecting them from possible exploitation.

Limited to Sports Arenas 

At Thursday’s meeting, commissioners proposed that sportsbook advertisements and logos displayed at sports arenas must include a disclaimer clarifying that individuals must be 21+ to participate. This applies to fixed signage, and not to items such as apparel, letterhead, or business cards. This is a narrower version of an earlier proposal, one that would have applied to all public displays of a logo. It is anticipated that the compliance with this new requirement could be as simple as adding “21+” to a sportsbook logo. Fanatics are the ones most affected by this change.

Fanatics Most Affected 

The new rule requiring branding on all logos used in stadiums was approved by Commissioners Eileen O’Brien, Nakisha Skinner, and Jordan Maynard, with Chairman Cathy Judd-Stein and Commissioner Bradford R. Hill dissenting. This rule may prove especially challenging for Fanatics, who use the same logo for both their sportsbook and apparel businesses; they will be required to either design a unique logo just for sportsbook, like Barstool Sportsbook has done, or add a 21+ disclaimer on their current logo. Fanatics declined to comment on the matter when contacted by Casino.org.

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Updated: 7 August 2023
1 min to read

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