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Drake Bets Big on Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz Fight and Misses - Newstbt.com

Tiffany Burroughs
Updated: 7 August 2023
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Drake, the notorious Canadian rapper and gambling enthusiast, was sadly oblivious to the age-old adage of not betting with your emotions; having reportedly squandered a large fortune on the Jake Paul vs. Nate Díaz boxing match at the weekend, showcasing how emotion-driven betting decisions can be detrimental to one’s wallet. Experienced sports bettors know to always keep their emotion in check when gambling.
Nate Diaz takes a tumble during his boxing match against Jake Paul
During the fight, Nate Diaz stumbled and fell, ending his opportunity for a victory in the first round. Unfortunately, not even Drake’s immense amount of support for Díaz was enough to save him from taking a loss.

Nate Diaz’s match against Jake Paul did not go as planned, as the acclaimed UFC fighter took a tumble and subsequently lost his debut boxing match. Despite his loss, rapper Drake – who had placed a whopping $250,000 Stake.com bet in support of Diaz’s fight – still had his faith in the “Díaz brother”, as he stated while posting his ticket prior to the action. Sadly, Drake’s support was not enough to keep Diaz from taking the “Swing and a Miss” fall, resulting in his defeat earlier in the first round.

Swing and a Miss

Paul reacted to Drake’s comments leading up to the fight with a violent image on Instagram of himself holding the decapitated head of Díaz. His post ended with a message for the rapper saying he was “losing his money,” and included the link to the PPV event. Paul’s prediction proved to be correct; despite Drake having earlier expressed admiration for the Paul brothers in the sport of boxing, Díaz’s victory would have tripled his investment. Going into Saturday’s fight, Díaz was the underdog, with sportsbooks giving him around +340 against Paul’s -440.

The judges scored the match of 10 rounds with cards of 97-92, 98-91 and 98-91 in hip-hop artist Drake’s favor. However, his previous financial losses from betting on boxing and MMA events such as Jorge Masvidal’s versus Colby Covington and Justin Gaethje’s against Charles Oliveira have been six-figures. Most recently, he lost a huge amount of $400,000 when betting for content creator Paul Fury’s victory over Tommy Fury. Apart from martial arts, Drake is also known for reportedly placing large wagers on NFL and other sports. His winnings have been subject to controversy and accusations of match-fixing being made by Bellator MMA fighter Dillon Danis. After all this drama follows these fights.

Fights After Fights

Paul’s momentous victory over Díaz on the night of celebration and excitement was marred by a chaotic altercation involving a dozen people. When some fans decided to fight each other, reports of fists flying, shirts torn off, and mob brawls ensued. Though some spectators watched with wonder and humor, others were dismayingly aware that there was apparently no security present. In one of the most alarming moments, one individual pushed another to the ground and slammed his head into the marble floor.

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Updated: 7 August 2023
2 min to read

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