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Great Rhino Slot

Great Rhino Slot
Min. bet $0.2
Max. bet $100
Reels 5
Paylines 20
RTP 96.53%

Great Rhino Slot Machine

Software Release Date RTP Volatility Max Win (x of Bet Amount) Bet Range (Min-Max) Number of Reels Betting Methods
Pragmatic Play June 2018 96.5% High 500x 0.20-100 5 Fixed paylines

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Great Rhino Slot Machine

Pros Cons
✅ Exciting and entertaining ❌ Potential for addiction
✅ High-quality graphics and sound effects ❌ Possibility of losing money
✅ Wide range of betting options ❌ Risk of developing poor gambling habits
✅ Chance to win big jackpots ❌ Not guaranteed to win
✅ Immersive and engaging gameplay ❌ Can be time-consuming
✅ Offers bonus features and free spins ❌ Relies on luck rather than skill
✅ Easy to learn and play ❌ Can lead to financial difficulties if not managed responsibly

Playing the Great Rhino Slot Machine can be an exciting and entertaining experience. The high-quality graphics and sound effects create an immersive gameplay environment.

With a wide range of betting options, players can choose their preferred level of risk. The chance to win big jackpots adds to the thrill of playing.

This game also offers various bonus features and free spins, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

However, it is important to note the potential cons of playing the Great Rhino Slot Machine. There is a risk of addiction, as gambling can be habit-forming.

Furthermore, players should be aware that losing money is a possibility. Winning is not guaranteed and relies heavily on luck rather than skill.

Playing the Great Rhino Slot Machine can also be time-consuming. It is important to manage one’s time and finances responsibly to avoid any negative impact on daily life.

In summary, the Great Rhino Slot Machine provides an exciting gambling experience with its immersive gameplay and potential for big winnings. However, players should approach it with caution and ensure responsible gambling practices.

Theme of Great Rhino Slot Machine: A Wild African Adventure

Characters and Symbols:

Prepare for an exciting journey to the heart of the African savannah with Great Rhino slot machine. This thrilling game features a variety of symbols that perfectly capture the wildlife theme. You’ll encounter majestic animals such as rhinos, lions, elephants, leopards, and cheetahs. These powerful creatures come to life through vibrant and stunning graphics, immersing you in an unforgettable gaming experience.


Your objective in Great Rhino is to spin the reels and align the symbols in winning combinations. The game offers various paylines, giving you ample opportunities to hit big wins. Keep an eye out for the mighty rhino itself as it acts as both the wild symbol and the game’s highest paying symbol. Get ready to unleash the power of the wild and conquer the African plains with each spin.

Gameplay and Features:

Great Rhino slot machine offers a dynamic gameplay experience that keeps you on your toes. The reels are set against a breathtaking African sunset, creating a visually stunning backdrop. The game features smooth animations and energetic sound effects, enhancing the overall excitement.

One of the standout features of Great Rhino is the Free Spins Bonus. Land three or more scattered tree symbols, and trigger the bonus round. You’ll be awarded ten free spins, during which the rhino symbol becomes stacked, increasing your chances of hitting massive wins. This feature can be retriggered, ensuring a wild ride of endless thrills.

Music and Graphics:

As you embark on your African adventure with Great Rhino slot machine, the captivating sound of tribal drums and harmonic wildlife noises will transport you to the heart of the savannah. The music gradually intensifies during big wins and bonus rounds, adding to the adrenaline rush.

The graphics in Great Rhino are nothing short of extraordinary. The reels are filled with rich and detailed illustrations of African animals, showcasing their beauty and strength. The seamless animations and vibrant colors bring the game to life, immersing you in the wonders of the African wilderness.

So, gear up for an exhilarating journey through the wild African plains with Great Rhino slot machine. Let the roaring sound of rhinos and the thrill of big wins ignite your passion for adventure and gambling. Spin the reels, unlock the Free Spins Bonus, and unleash the power of the African wildlife in this unforgettable slot experience!

Winning Combinations in Great Rhino Slot Machine

Combination Quantity Payout (X)
Rhino 5 x10000
Rhino 4 x5000
Rhino 3 x2000
Sunset 5 x1000
Sunset 4 x500
Sunset 3 x200
Watering Hole 5 x500
Watering Hole 4 x400
Watering Hole 3 x150
Cheetah 5 x400
Cheetah 4 x300
Cheetah 3 x100
Gorilla 5 x300
Gorilla 4 x200
Gorilla 3 x50
Flamingo 5 x200
Flamingo 4 x150
Flamingo 3 x25
Ace, King 5 x100
Ace, King 4 x75
Ace, King 3 x10
Queen, Jack 5 x75
Queen, Jack 4 x50
Queen, Jack 3 x5

Controls in the Great Rhino Slot Machine

  • Spins: This button is the heart of the game. It sets the reels in motion, giving you the chance to win big. Just click or tap the “Spins” button and let the magic of the Great Rhino Slot Machine unfold.
  • Bet Level: Use this control to adjust the size of your wager. Increase or decrease the bet level according to your gut feeling or personal strategy. Remember, higher bets can lead to greater rewards!
  • Coin Value: This option allows you to determine the value of each coin you wager. Whether you’re a high roller craving the thrill of big bets or a more cautious player, adjusting the coin value can align the game with your preferences.
  • Autoplay: Feeling lazy? This handy feature enables you to sit back and watch the reels spin automatically. Set the number of spins you’d like the game to play for you, and let fate decide your winnings while you relax.
  • Paytable: Are you curious about the potential winning combinations? Click or tap the “Paytable” button to explore the payout details and understand which symbols to keep an eye out for. It’s never been easier to be a savvy player!
  • Max Bet: Looking to go all out? The “Max Bet” button instantly sets your wager to the highest possible level. With just one click or tap, you’ll experience the adrenaline rush of chasing the biggest prizes the Great Rhino Slot Machine has to offer.
  • Settings: Not satisfied with the default game configuration? The “Settings” button allows you to customize your gaming experience. Adjust the sound effects, game speed, or any other preference that enhances your immersion in this captivating world.
  • Info: Need more information about the rules, special features, or bonuses? Click or tap the “Info” button to access all the essential details you need to become a true Great Rhino Slot Machine expert. Stay ahead of the game!

Now that you’re familiar with the controls, you’re ready to embark on your exciting adventure with the Great Rhino Slot Machine. Good luck, and may the reels be ever in your favor!

FAQ about Great Rhino Slot Machine

What is the Great Rhino slot machine?

The Great Rhino slot machine is a popular online video slot game developed by Pragmatic Play. It features a visually stunning African safari theme with wild animals, exciting bonus features, and the potential for big wins!

How do I play the Great Rhino slot machine?

Playing the Great Rhino slot machine is easy! Simply select your desired bet amount and spin the reels. The game offers various features such as wild symbols, free spins, and the Super Respin feature, which can maximize your winnings. Keep an eye out for the majestic rhino symbol, as it represents the highest paying symbol in the game!

Are there any special features in the Great Rhino slot machine?

Absolutely! The Great Rhino slot machine offers several special features to enhance your gaming experience. Look out for the wild symbol, represented by the rhino, as it substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter and can help form winning combinations. The game also offers a Free Spins feature, triggered by landing three or more scattered tree symbols, where you can win up to 20 free spins. Additionally, there’s the Super Respin feature, activated by landing two or more full stacks of rhino symbols, providing the opportunity for massive wins!

Can I play the Great Rhino slot machine on my mobile device?

Of course! The Great Rhino slot machine is fully optimized for mobile play, allowing you to indulge in thrilling gaming sessions on your smartphone or tablet. Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, you can access this exciting slot game on the go, wherever and whenever you want.

Is the Great Rhino slot machine a fair game?

Yes, the Great Rhino slot machine is a fair game as it operates on a random number generator (RNG) software. This ensures that every outcome of the game is entirely random and unbiased, providing fair chances for all players to win. Pragmatic Play is a reputable game provider known for its commitment to fair and responsible gaming, eliminating any concerns you may have about the game’s fairness.