Trudeau minority govt. threatened by an 'appalled' Singh after pharmacare vote

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has been key to the survival of Trudeau's minority government since 2019. Now, things might be changing, as Singh has taken to criticizing the Prime Minister on Twitter after Trudeau voted down a bill to establish framework for universal pharmacare in Canada.

On February 24, the same day that the Canada Pharmacare Act was tabled and defeated, Singh accused the Liberals of kowtowing to big pharma.

"Justin Trudeau just voted no to pharmacare. Liberals just chose Big Pharma over Canadians again. They broke a promise for the 24th consecutive year. Millions can't afford their medications, and we can help them - But, the Liberals blocked it. I'm appalled," Singh announced over Twitter.

"Pharmacare could uplift so many Canadians, right now," Singh concluded in a later tweet. Singh has called on Canadians to share their stories with the NDP, saying, “Your stories matter - so [...] do your experiences," sharing a link with the party’s website.

The proposed legislation Bill C-213, the “Canada Pharmacare Act” tabled by NDP MP Peter Julian and was defeated Wednesday at by a vote of 295-32, with the Conservatives, Bloc Québécois, and most Liberals voting in the negative. Two Liberal MPs, Toronto’s Nathaniel Erskine-Smith and New Brunswick’s Wayne Long, broke with their party in voting for the NDP legislation, as did Ben Lobb, a Conservative representing Huron—Bruce. The Green MPs and two Independents, including Jody Wilson-Raybould, also voted in favour of the bill.

With the NDP-Liberal alliance of convenience on the ropes, all it takes is one bill proposed by the Liberals to be defeated for a fresh election to be called.

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