Trudeau Government failing to be Transparent about COVID camps

Alberta Federal and Provincial Elected leaders have begun to voice concerns and opinions over the multiple with citizen being detained from the airport. Canadians have been shown that the federal government has been lacking transparency .

The first report on this happened just last week when Nikki Mathis was taken from the Calgary airport by police and health workers, loaded into an unmarked van and taken to an undisclosed location. The Buffalo Tribune covered Nikki's story and was able to confirm that the reason she had been taken was due to the fact that she had somehow taken the wrong COVID-19 test prior to re-entering the country.

Because of this slight detail, the negative result from this test was considered void and she was held against her will until she received “proper” testing and they were satisfied with the results. Since then there have been other reports of Canadians having the same experience.

MLA Shayne Getson expressed great concern towards these issues saying, “Any allegation of forced confinement should not be taken lightly… This is the federal government taking this action, NOT the government of Alberta. The government of Canada has full authority over airports.”

After acknowledging that many of his constituents also have questions over what is really taking place Getson also added, “I understand wanting to keep the virus out of our country - especially the new variant strains. But if this is the Prime Minister’s policy, he should be stepping out of his house to clearly explain to Canadians what his government is doing.”

In a second post Getson shared his incredible logical viewpoints on the procedures of traveling in and out of Canada and how the current procedures do not make sense for Canadian citizens. Getson writes;

“International airports are pieces of a country, ports of entry that belong to the country, not the city, county, or province that they are situated in.

That is why when we go through the Edmonton international airport, we have to go through USA customs when outbound.

Coming back we have to pass through Canadian Borders and Customs...not the sheriffs or the town police services.

Now when it comes to the recent FEDERAL travel policies, I do not understand why Albertans, who are returning home need to be put up in a federal location for not having the “right” Test that proved they didn’t have Covid. It seems there is a breakdown in communication with the carriers, the Ports of departure, and the passengers themselves from our federal government.

The system that the federal government put in place from the outside could have made sense if it were for foreign visitors, with no safe place to go, keeping them separated from the rest of the population .

The whole idea of people who live here and have homes to go back to...not being allowed to go home quite frankly is offside in my opinion. It does not make common sense. If you have a negative test in your hand, are an Alberta citizen then go directly home, self isolate, and book an appointment for the “Right” exam.”

Getson completes the post by discussing his concern and advising Albertans to write into the government to make their voices heard and help implement change. He even closed with the cheeky and truthful line saying, “Less Ottawa....Way More ALBERTA, and perhaps a severe inoculation of common sense.”

The Buffalo Tribune was able to get an exclusive interview with Shayne Getson specifically about Canadians being detained. After stating that the federal procedures and mandates made “no sense at all to enforce.” Getson goes on to say, “The Trudeau government should be more transparent on this matter and they continue to use this federal loophole to detain Canadian Nationals flying back home. I could understand if the passengers were newcomers or perhaps had language barriers. But to be doing this to our Citizens is cause for concern.”

Getson also informed us that he has been receiving multiple calls in regard to these matters.

Member of Parliament Jeremy Platzer who wrote a letter directly to our Prime Minister. In this letter he states, “Respectfully sir, I believe your government is overstepping its bounds and setting dangerous precedent. No Canadian should ever be prevented from entering their own home. That type of control is not indicative of a free democratic society. As such, I strongly advise against mandating hotel quarantines for returning Canadians.” Platzer continues to request evidence from Trudeau that would “rationalize such draconian measures.”

Jason Kenney at first told the public that these were simply stories and lies being spun by the media. Now choosing to retract that statement. “We understand the need for quarantine requirements, but ask that federal agencies be more transparent… But federal agencies like the Canada Border Services and Public Health Agency of Canada could avoid a lot of anger and confusion if they were more transparent about where people will be staying.”

Photos from the facility where Nikki Mathis was recent detained from the Calgary Airport.

The cargo van used to transport Nikki Mathis to and from the facility detaining Canadian Citizens.

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