Ted Cruz Introduces Legislation to Stop Vaccine Passports

Vaccine passports are an item of national debate in the United States as the country continues to inoculate the population.

Generally speaking, many Republicans are not supportive of such measures, whereas Democrats tend to lean in favour of them.

Texas Senator and 2016 Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is seeking to ban government-mandated vaccine passports at the federal level.

“I think there’s a real potential for government overreach and I don’t believe that anyone should be forced to take the vaccine. It should be your personal choice. You should make the choice based on your health, the decisions you want,” Cruz told Fox and Friends on Friday morning.

He added that workplace discrimination against individuals who choose not to receive the vaccination should also be illegal.

“It [his legislation] also prohibits discrimination in employment. We’re seeing some places where employers are saying ‘If you’re not vaccinated, you’re fired.’ And that ought to be illegal. Your health decisions are yours to make. It shouldn’t be your boss, it shouldn’t be the government, it shouldn’t be anyone else forcing you to make those decisions.”

The Texas Republican added that he wasn't unsure if he could receive support for banning vaccine passport mandates .

The Biden administration has not fully indicated whether or not the president supports the use of vaccine passports. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Friday that the Biden administration is taking “a close look” at requiring Americans to have a COVID-19 vaccine passport for international travel. Hours later, his spokesman walked back the comments, saying in a statement there will be “no federal mandate” regarding vaccination passports.

White House Deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre later told reporters that the administration hasn’t changed its stance on vaccine passports. “The U.S. government recognizes that other countries have or may have foreign-entry requirements. We will be monitoring these and helping all U.S. travelers meet those, but we will not be — there will be no federal mandate requiring anyone to obtain a single vaccination credential,” Jean-Pierre said. “But there will be no federal mandate requiring anyone to obtain a single vaccination credential.”

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