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Sports betting law delayed by Liberal government while missing investments and job for Canada

A conservative MP for Niagara Falls has accused the Liberals of dragging their feet over enacting single event sports betting in Canada.

Tony Baldinelli issued a statement today saying Bill C-218 was formally passed into law over a month ago, yet no action has been taken. The private bill is set to legalize single event sports betting in Canada received Royal Assent at the end of June.

“At a time when Canada needs to focus on achieving economic recovery from this pandemic, the federal government's delay is preventing Canada's sports and gaming industry from making the needed investments, providing jobs and more importantly, being able to compete against jurisdictions, such as the United States, which currently allow single event sports betting to take place."

He says the delay is allowing illegal betting operations to continue to profit.

“Instead, this government continues to be satisfied with allowing over $38 million dollars a day to be illegally wagered in Canada via existing offshore gaming sites and sports books operated by organized crime."

Baldinelli says single event sports betting will have a tremendous impact on the tourism and hospitality sector. Given that offshore gaming sites and sports books operated by criminal organizations bring in $38 million dollars of Canadian wages every day, a law that would redirect that money to Canadian jobs and businesses in the tourism sector seems like common-sense. And yet, Justin Trudeau is choosing to implement the laws they like, while delaying the ones they don’t, allowing money to fall into the hands of big multinational companies and criminals.

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