Sgt. Harnett’s Accused Killer Receives Extra Time To Get a Lawyer

On December 31, 2020, Sgt. Andrew Harnett (37) was spending his shift doing traffic stops. He had pulled a specific vehicle over because its headlights were out. When the license plate did not match the registration the individuals attempted to flee the scene. Harnett was dragged by their vehicle until he was hit by another car. He later died in hospital.

Two young men were suspected as being involved. One of the individuals caught and taken into custody, Al-Azan Shah Muhammad, was just 17 at the time. Muhammad was the one driving the vehicle and chose to attempt escape.

Muhammad will likely likely be tried as a youth as he was 17-years-old at the time of the murder, which occurred 11 days earlier before his 18th birthday, the Crown will pursue a stricter sentence after he is convicted. The Crown is also requesting that bail be rejected for Muhammad.

At the beginning of his trial he was represented by duty counsel during his bail hearing. However, two weeks ago he informed the courts that he had still not obtained proper legal representation.

The judge granted the accused until March 23, 2021 to find proper representation for his case wherein he is charged with first degree murder.

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