Parlaiment Resumes as Trudeau Gives Throne Speech

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has vowed to "deliver results" upon the resumption of Parliament, noting as such in his speech from the Throne.

“Not only do they want Parliamentarians to work together to put this pandemic behind us, they also want bold, concrete solutions to meet the other challenges we face,” reads the speech, provided to reporters under embargo in advance of it being delivered.

The speech was read by Gov. Gen. Mary Simon in the Senate chamber. It was trilingual: in English, French, and in parts Inuktitut. It is the first time Canada’s Indigenous governor general reads a speech from the Throne.

“The decade got off to an incredibly difficult start, but this is the time to rebuild. This is the moment for Parliamentarians to work together to get big things done, and shape a better future for our kids,” reads the speech.

“Canada will emerge from this generational challenge stronger and more prosperous,” it goes on.

"Parliamentarians, never before has so much depended on your ability to deliver results for Canadians. That is what people expect and need from you," reads the speech.

So what has the PM outlined as he returns to power after his third election victory? Here's a snippet of what was included in today's speech:

  • Improved health care accessibility and supports, including long-term care and access to vaccines for children and boosters for the general population as well as the international community;

  • Continued COVID-19 aid supports, including benefit programs for workers and businesses in hard-hit industries;

  • A need to tackle the rising cost of living by following through on housing affordability initiatives and implementing the $10-day child care deals with the provinces, including in the two provinces and two territories who have yet to reach an agreement;

  • Moving on “bolder” climate action, including moving to cap and cut oil and gas sector emissions and mandate the sale of zero emission vehicles;

  • Accelerating Indigenous reconciliation efforts through responding to numerous calls to action, eliminating water advisories, and appointing a ‘Special Interlocutor’ to advance justice on residential schools;

  • Following through on gun control commitments as well as pledges to fight systemic racism, sexism, discrimination, misconduct, and abuse; and

  • Implementing promised legislation including a ban on LGBTQ2S+ conversion therapy practices, criminal sanctions for threatening health care workers or medical facilities, and broadcasting act and online harm reforms.

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