Opinion: Trudeau is the Tyrant of the North

Well here we are Canada. We’ve jumped the shark.

Trudeau has allegedly just been caught red handed attempting to use Canadian resources to strengthen communist China’s military. A country with known aspirations of global domination and insane human rights abuses.

The Chinese government has kidnapped Canadian citizens and still holds them as prisoners in captivity at this very moment. This is an absolute betrayal of Canadian values and our American allies. Trudeau has put his undying admiration for Communist China on display at every opportunity.

Our dear leader has shamelessly cozied up to Iran, which is one the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. He did so immediately after they shot down a plane killing 57 Canadian citizens.

The Liberal Government will have increased Canada’s national debt by almost $700 billion between 2016 and the end of 2021, doubling it in just a few short years.

Trudeau has recently spoken of a “reset” of the economy, a dramatic move towards leftist ideology and further entrenchment in identity politics. This from a leader who told us to trust him because “the budget will balance itself” and that “we will grow the economy from the heart out”.

Add Debt to insult

They are now disturbingly now asking how they can “access” Canadian’s savings to help “stimulate” the economy. They’ve spent all of the bank‘s money, now they want yours.

The NDP and Liberals have launched an all out attack on the Canadian energy industry, cutting it off at the knees. They are doing this while countries like Russia are investing hundreds of billions of dollars into theirs. This is punishment for all of the hard work, environmental stewardship and progressiveness within our energy sector.

Remember JT's glowing eulogy of Fidel Castro? I know I’ll never forget it. Meanwhile JT was caught donning blackface more times than he can remember. At the same time accusing every day, hard working Canadians of being inherently racist.

All of this while putting the full power of his government behind the disarmament of peaceful, law abiding Canadians who pose absolutely no threat to society. This does nothing but strengthen criminal enterprise, and will have no impact on crime. This is purely an ideological move to take more freedom from Canadians.

So, tell me Canada. What’s your next move?

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