Opinion: Trudeau's gun ban is 'tyrannical theft' of private property

On May 1st, 2020, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal confidants announced an Order in Council (O.I.C.), which undermined debate in the House of Commons on a controversial piece of gun confiscation legislation. This rarely used political precedent denied legal gun owners and supporters the right to voice their concerns on the record before the distressing legislation became official.

The situation subverted the parliamentary process to capitalize on recent tragedies involving illegally obtained firearms. Trudeau displayed complete negligence when he used the tragic mass shooting committed by Gabriel Wortman to push their left-wing agenda. Emotions ran high, and the nullification of private property rights for tens of thousands of law-abiding gun owners only worsened in its aftermath. As a gun owner who possesses one of the now 1,500+ illegal 'assault-style' firearms, the O.I.C. soured debate at a time when it was needed most. The Laurentian Elite tried to silence their opponents, but we will not go away quietly.

Those amongst not entirely sure if their firearms are prohibited, you can search it here with the Firearms Reference Table. Not only did this gun grab disregard the democratic process, but it was also done at a time when parliament was not sitting, therefore making Trudeau's minority government more potent than expected. This power grab executed demonstrated a showing of force to effectively classify tens of thousands of Canadians as new criminals that now own illegal firearms. Although Trudeau gave gun-owning Canadians a two year amnesty period to properly abide by this new authoritative ban, many were, and still are reluctant to do so.

With the signing of the O.I.C. sinking in with law-abiding gun owners, such as myself, we can't help but wonder - will Trudeau push for future imposing bans? Sheldon Clare, the President of the National Firearms Association (NFA), gave us his perspective on the ban, stating, "For starters, let's call the 'buyback plan' for what it is because it is theft of private property."

Trudeau's ally to this authoritative ban, Bill Blair, was sorely misinformed on why law-abiding citizens possess AR-15 style semi-automatic firearms. He stated that these guns in question are the most "prevalent assault-style firearms that are not suitable for hunting or sports shooting purposes." Bill Blair then mentioned that he was committed to "ensuring hunters, farmers, and law-abiding recreational firearms owners are also treated respectfully and fairly." With this egregious comment, the Public Safety Minister displayed he does not know these guns are the most popular firearms for sport shooting and other applications.

Bill Blair also added that "these dangerous firearms are designed for the battlefield, not for communities." This comment disregards the fact semi-automatic firearms in Canada were already highly restricted and have been since 1978. Speaking to this, the NFA President Sheldon Clare said, "The lack of knowledge Bill Blair has on this portfolio reveals an alarming amount of ignorance on his part. In conjunction with the ideological agenda advocated by Justin Trudeau, this is an all-out assault on law-abiding gun owners."

In recent remarks from Public Safety Canada on the ban of assault-style firearms, Public Safety Minister, Bill Blair, stated:

"I want to assure hunters, farmers, and target shooters in this country that nothing that we are doing today or will do in the future is intended to interfere with this lawful, responsible and legal activity...They were, rather, designed for soldiers to kill other soldiers...And while I appreciate that some may feel that these weapons have some recreational value, the tragic reality is that these weapons were designed to kill people and have been used to kill innocent Canadians. Public safety must always be our first priority. These powerful firearms become deadly weapons when they fall into the wrong hands."

The semi-automatic weapons previously used by law-abiding gun owners are not the same as the firearms used by Canadian soldiers on tour. They are trained with firearms that do not have the same functional restrictions gun owners have today. When you compare the necessary components of an AR-15 style firearm to guns that are not prohibited, there is little difference in terms of "killing capability." They possess limited function, and informed gun owners know this well.

The Liberal government has chosen not to acknowledge the parliamentary e-petition (e-2574) that collected 230,905 signatures in 120 days, making it the largest e-petition in Canadian history and a proud display of the resiliency of gun owners. Unfortunately, the Liberal Party has not displayed the competence needed to adequately address the destruction they have sowed through empty rhetoric and policy. They vowed to create a safe space for all Canadians by wrongly turning law-abiding citizens into criminals while simultaneously failing to sufficiently address illegally smuggled firearms, like those used in the recent Nova Scotia shooting.

Suffice to say, the Canadian government has effectively created new legislation without objective reasoning. Decades earlier, the Criminal Intelligence Service Canada reported in 1997 that "organized crime groups and individual criminals have access to a wide variety of firearms with an increasing predilection for automatic weapons." The Liberal government recently invested $327-million to curb gang and gun violence over the next several years, but it remains to be seen how that investment will pan out.

According to Statistics Canada:

"Firearm-related violent crime declined 33% from 2009 to 2013, reaching its lowest point in recent years. The downward trend stopped in 2013 and, since then, it has gone up 42%. Between 2013 and 2017, 16 of Canada's Census metropolitan areas saw increases in their rate of firearm-related violent crime, including 7 of the 10 largest. Of note, 43% of the national increase since 2013 is due to more victims in Toronto. Each year since 2009, about six in ten firearm-related violent crimes involved handguns."

Notably, one of the amendments addressed in Bill C-71 is to "put decision-making about weapons restrictions back into the hands of police and not politicians." In a recent interview on Toronto's surge in gun violence, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders stated, "These shootings, by and large, have street gang connotations to them or are street gang-related." The head of the Toronto Police Guns & Gang Task Force, Inspector Joe Matthews, cited that 75 percent of the guns seized came from the states illegally, rising to 84 percent for handguns. Unfortunately, the general populace does not have adequate knowledge regarding guns smuggling into our country to make informed gun-debate decisions. And it seems this is not a priority for our government.

Furthermore, the power grab is incredibly dangerous for all Canadians, as, "With no tenable policies to correct the root causes of gun crime, the federal government fails to target those who engage in crime and has instead taken a one-shoe-size-fits-all approach," says Clare, "and that is something we at the National Firearms Association reject entirely."

When talking about support amongst gun owners, it is estimated by the Department of Justice that 3 million Canadians own firearms with the highest region being the Yukon at 67 percent and the lowest being Ontario at 15 percent. Although Ontario statistically has the lowest percentage of gun owners, the support from Kenora is astounding. According to one source, constituents in this riding were sent a survey asking if they believed sticking up for law-abiding gun owners was the proper course of action. The results were close to unanimous at 93 percent showing support with 500 responses tallied. Not only does this support a unified voice in a statistically low firearm possession province, but the party they support is also actively promoting policies that genuinely make a difference.

Some of these policies consist of more support for police units focused on gang and gun issues, a Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) smuggling task force, and numerous other initiatives that tackle gun violence's root cause. This support from Ontario is precisely what gun owners need in a time when a unified voice is essential to get the government focusing its attention on where it is required. Sheldon commented about tighter border security by stating, "I imagine it will be quite the undertaking to patrol one of the largest borders worldwide," adding that "this is a complex issue, which gun registries and gun confiscation are not going to solve."

I do not think Trudeau and the Liberal party are competent enough to deal with policies regarding gun owner rights effectively and in an adequate manner. The Liberals should have contacted organizations like the NFA for consultation on this issue before they imposed incredibly destructive laws aimed directly at law-abiding Canadians.

Due to the thoughtless legislation passed by the Liberals, the NFA has decided to team up with Cassandra Parker, a law-abiding gun owner with her family business K.K.S. Tactical Supplies Ltd., to take the Liberal government to court. Anyone interested in following or supporting the court challenge (Parker et al. v. Canada) can check it out here.

When asking Sheldon about the legal challenge, he said, "the National Firearms Association is proud to be supporting Cassandra Parker and her family business. We believe they are one of the hundreds of thousands of law-abiding gun owners victimized by their private property's tyrannical theft." The NFA President closed with the statement, "We stand proudly with Canadians like Cassandra during this time of unprecedented power grabs and the mass spreading of misinformation." The NFA exemplifies the leadership gun-owners need at a time where the Liberals impose tyrannical laws to serve their image.

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