Opinion: The left hasn’t thought out their gun control policies

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Now your first thought when reading this headline may be, “tell me something I don’t know.” But today, I really want to break down the logical fallacies when it comes to gun control policies being pushed by the left in North America.

First of all, it’s clear that the Liberal Party wants to take away guns. If you take a look at their party stance, their position is clear: “we will make gun laws stronger. We will move forward with a ban on all military-style assault rifles”.

Following the aftermath of the tragic Nova Scotia shootings in April of this year, the Liberal government banned 1500 types of military grade weapons.

While I will agree with Trudeau's comments that “You don’t need an AR-15 to take down a deer,” there’s one issue that I take up with the ramping up of gun laws. Less gun owners means less safety and security in homes.

The incident that inspired the gun ban this year was certainly horrible, there’s no denying that. However, it is worth noting that the perpetrator did not obtain his firearms legally.

And that’s the truth with many gun crimes in Canada. The people who are misusing guns are typically not the same ones who have obtained them legally.

While the Liberal government promoted their 250 million dollar buy back program, there was not a decrease in gun crime, but rather an increase. An article from CBC news stated, “according to police, a growing number of guns are bought legally in Canada and resold on the black market, or made here illegally”.

So if illegal, black market gun distribution is on the rise, and crimes are being committed with these guns, then why are we taking away the ability for Canadian citizens to protect themselves against these criminals?

“The Liberal Party has been lazy in attacking Canada’s most vetted citizens; the ones who are least likely to commit any crime” says Jordan Vanderhoff, Ontario’s Regional Director for the NFA. “Criminals and gang bangers do not follow the laws. Adding restrictions to lawful citizens will have no effect on the root cause of gun violence”.

In Toronto, where gun crime is some of the highest across Canada, police seized a total of 1740 firearms in 2017. Only 148 of these guns were legally acquired in Canada, which is under 9%.

That’s a huge concern. And of course if we’re taking guns away from the legal firearm owners who have obtained their license and therefore have been trained in gun safety, then that leaves the job of protection in the hands of the police.

But with the growing leftist movements across North America seeking to defund the police, the ability for their protection is also limited.

In Toronto, Mayor John Tory has looked to develop reforms with “non-police led response to calls which do not involve weapons or violence.” More clear signs of minimizing the role of the police.

Many cities across Canada are going even further, calling for reallocation of police funds, taking weapons away from police in an effort to reduce police brutality.

Now, I don’t want to minimize the horrible crimes by certain police that have occurred in the past year. There have been needless tragedies that have occurred, and I think in some of these cases, it's absolutely right to be angry at the officers who committed these acts of violence.

That being said, just as I wouldn’t condone generalizing any ethnic or religious groups into categories, I also think it’s important we don’t place all police into the racist category.

Most cops ─in fact the overwhelming majority of cops─ got into policing because of the desire to protect citizens of their country. And taking away the funding for these cops, and in many cases their ability to protect us, is a huge mistake.

Not only do I believe that we need to keep legal firearms in the hands of Canadian citizens, but our government needs to ensure that the police have enough funding to fight back against this epidemic of black market gun crime.

It’s time for our government to adjust its focus to preventing illegal gun action, utilizing the police force at its disposal, rather than trying to strip guns away from the law abiding citizens who own them.

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