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O'Toole Attacks Trudeau on Women - But Is He Any Different?

O'Toole has famously taken (admittedly sensible) jabs at Trudeau's designation as a self-professed feminist. After the ejection of Wilson-Raybould and Philpott, the Conservative leader tweeted: "Our self-described feminist Prime Minister feels that booting two far more qualified MPs off his team makes the Liberals more united under his leadership. Wow." Trudeau was a feminist when it came to women in his party so long as they toed the line - but isn't O'Toole now guilty of the same thing?

Conservative Saskatchewan Sen. Denise Batters previously launched a petition to remove Erin O'Toole as party leader — after stating she had lost faith in O'Toole after the Conservative Party suffered "significant losses" in the last campaign.

Batters said that on O'Toole's watch, the party has flip-flopped on major issues such as carbon pricing, firearms and conscience rights and has lost formerly Conservative seats in urban and suburban ridings in Alberta, B.C. and the Greater Toronto Area. She also called O'Toole's "true blue" label a farce and accused him of running a federal election campaign "nearly indistinguishable from Trudeau's Liberals."

She said these developments demand a leadership review well before the planned vote at the 2023 Conservative convention.

"We can't afford to see our party ripped apart again. When we're divided, the Liberals win. As leader, Mr. O’Toole has watered down, and even entirely reversed, our policy positions without the input of party or caucus members,” she said. “On the carbon tax, on guns, on conscience rights — he flip-flopped on our policies within the same week, the same day, and even within the same sentence.”

The result? Batters was ejected from the party. A similar situation arose with MP Shannon Stubbs, in which O’Toole launched an investigation into after allegations that she maintained a toxic work environment for her staff. “

As I’ve been leader for a year, I’ve set an expectation on all my MPs that we will have a professional and respectful workplace environment,” he said in response to the allegations.

The problem? Stubbs was also one of his largest critics, having called for new leadership after the less-than-stellar results of the 2021 election. In fact, Stubbs has so far been the only Conservative MP to publicly call for O’Toole’s performance to be reviewed by party members within six months.

Despite what he may have alleged against Trudeau with regard to Wilson-Raybould and Philpott, it seems like O'Toole's own track record, concerning female members of caucus like Stubbs and Batters, is more or less the same thing.

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