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Madu Fired as Alberta Justice Minister

Kaycee Madu has been removed as Alberta's justice minister after an investigation found he attempted to interfere with the administration of justice.

An inquiry was launched in January following revelations that Madu had telephoned Edmonton police Chief Dale McFee to discuss a $300 distracted driving ticket he received on March 10, 2021.

"The logical next step would mean that he expected the chief to respond to his concerns about the ticket," Alberta Court of Queen's Bench Justice Adèle Kent said in the report.

"There is a process that the Minister knows well to address questions of police conduct. It does not start with a phone call to the chief of police."

Kent noted in the report that Madu's anger and concern about possibly being racially profiled were understandable reactions.

"It does not absolve the minister from responsibility but it is an explanation that deserves recognition."

Premier Jason Kenney said of the report that it: "...concludes that Minister Madu did not interfere in the administration of justice but that the phone call could create a reasonable perception of interference."

The investigation found Madu's motivation "was not to reverse the ticket but to raise broader concerns, particularly related to racial profiling," he added.

Kenney will keep Madu in cabinet as minister of labour and immigration, with Tyler Shandro, who has been labour minister since resigning as health minister last September, taking over Madu's position.

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