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“Let the bastards freeze” says Alberta MLA in support of Bill 72

Alberta UCP MLA Jackie Lovely spoke to British Columbia and Quebec on Wednesday concerning Bill 72.

“I will always take the opportunity to stand up for our oil and gas sector,” she stated . “If Quebec and BC wish to embargo us for our commitment to our oil and gas sector, then I say, Mr. Speaker, let the bastards freeze."

Bill 72 (Preserving Canada’s Economic Prosperity Act), enacted by the Alberta Legislature, will give the Minister of Energy the power to limit energy exports to other jurisdictions against legal opposition.

The legislation, which replaces the 2019 act under the same title, gives the government the authority to restrict the export of crude oil and natural gas if deemed necessary. The change to the legislation removes references to ‘refined fuels’ with the goal of strengthening the act in respect to the province’s constitutional authority to control exports of primary production natural resources.

The legislation can only be used in respect to other provinces and territories, and does not apply to jurisdictions outside of Canada.

“We govern our relationships with other countries when it comes to pipelines through treaties, and we will continue to use other mechanisms that are within our ability as a province, and to encourage the federal government to use other mechanisms that are in their ability when dealing with international relations with other countries," said House Leader Jason Nixon.

“This shows Alberta is serious, that we have a serious law in place that we could use if we need it. We don’t want to use it, but talking about a law is not the same as having a law, and this law, we hope, will pass the Legislature and will be proclaimed and it will be clear to all jurisdictions that we have the ability to use it if we need to defend our interest.”

Bill 72 is extremely likely to pass, given the conservative majority in Alberta. It is currently on its second reading.

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