Justin Trudeau overpaid nearly $100M for ventilators

Earlier this year, Justin Trudeau rushed into a deal to manufacture medical ventilators with a company that had been created a mere seven days before this was announced. The mysterious company FTI Professional Grade was awarded $237 million and at the time, only had two known employees. This contract was awarded for the production of 10,000 ventilators to be used in Canadian hospitals.

Shortly after this contract was announced by the federal government, FTI hired the company Baylis Medical for the manufacture of the ventilators. Michael Baylis, owner of Baylis Medical was a Liberal MP and has been a member of the Liberal party for 40 years. Baylis became the MP for Pierrefonds-Dollard in 2015 and held this position until 2019. It has been observed and known that Baylis is a known acquaintance of Justin Trudeau.

The overall execution of this government contract seems suspicious due to the apparent conflict of interest that was not initially disclosed. The nature of this contract seems to have a similar taste to the WE Charity contract that Trudeau awarded to a close family friend.

The Journal de Montréal had done the initial investigation that revealed the Liberal government overpaid by nearly $100 million when it came to this contract. One of the more prominent ventilator manufacturers from Ireland Medtronic sells the entry-level ventilator for $13,141 CAD. Although the ventilators for Canadians are based on this model from Medtronic, Baylis Medical charged the government $23,700 CAD per unit. This means that the Canadian government overpaid more than $10,000 CAD per unit amounting to the larger $100 million in overpayments for all units.

On March 30th, Medtronic announced that they had released the design specifications for the PB 560 ventilator to anyone who was interested. Interestingly, the contract was awarded three months after the specifications were released to anyone globally. The timing and details of this contract awarded to another one of Trudeau's acquaintances seem to be raising multiple red flags similar to the WE Charity scandal.

The Trudeau government, NDP, Green Party, and Independent MPs recently supported a confidence vote which passed, denying the Conservatives wish to create an anti-corruption committee. Conservatives and Bloc MPs have openly expressed their intention to vote in favour of an anti-corruption committee. The Liberal Party responded by threatening a snap election to make sure an anti-corruption committee does not take shape.

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