Joe Biden axes the Keystone XL Pipeline that will kill thousands of jobs

U.S. President Joe Biden revoked the permit necessary to construct the Keystone oil pipeline. This was Ottawa’s last chance to save the $8 billion project which has been supported by the Canadian crude sector.

Not only does this provide a massive set back for the Canadian energy industry and massacre hundreds of jobs, but also acts as a bleak foreshadowing for the Canada and U.S. relationship.

The pipeline was a huge project that had already begun on this side of the Canadian border and was supposed to end in Nebraska. It was supposed to be efficient enough to carry 83,000 barrels per day. This project was also set to create 59,000 jobs between the U.S. and Canada.

Prime Minister Trudeau expressed determination after maintaining that he has been supportive of the pipeline for the last 7 years. “We are communicating our arguments in favor of Keystone XL… we will continue to work closely with them on this as well as many other initiatives to protect jobs and grow the economy in ways that also fight against climate change.” In support of the new President and the other executive orders that were passed today, (mandatory face masks and social distancing, support for underserved communities, and rejoining the Paris Climate accord), Prime Minister Trudeau happily extended warm wishes along with his hopes of the future. “I look forward to working with President Biden to reduce pollution, combat climate change, fight COVID-19 create middle class jobs, and build back better by supporting a sustainable economic recovery for everyone.”

Jason Kenney also spoke publicly today with noticeable disappointment and frustration in his words. “As friends and Allies of the United States we are truly disturbed that one if President Biden’s first actions in office has been to rescind the permit for Keystone XL pipeline border crossing. This is a gut punch for the Alberta and Canadian economies. Sadly it is an insult Directed at the United States most important Ally and trading partner.”

Canada’s Ambassador to Washington, Kirsten Hamilton, stated, “I think the President has made his choice, we respect that, that’s the decision he’s made.” When asked if she was disappointed she responded with. “Of course we’re disappointed, very disappointed. We worked hard over the last several months trying to plead the case for Keystone XL… about how the project is good for Canada and good for the United states… we will accept that (the revokement) and move forward.”

President Biden was in high spirits as he signed his first executive orders including the one that revoked this much needed permit. “I’m going to start by keeping the promises I made to the American people. We have a long way to go, these are just executive actions, they are important but we will need legislation for a lot of the things we are going to do.”

It was reported that effective as of today, 2000 people have lost their jobs because of this decision, with thousands more layoffs to come.

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