Hudson’s Bay Company takes legal action against Ontario lockdowns

With lockdown protocols once again amping up within the past week, stores across Ontario are being heavily restricted, and they are not happy about it.

Hudson's Bay has been one company to take action against the lockdowns, calling them “devoid of logic”.

While companies like Hudson’s Bay are completely shut down (outside of curbside pick-up or delivery) other franchises with groceries on their shelves like Costco and Walmart can stay open and sell all of their products.

This lockdown lines up with a time which is normally a huge business boom for stores like Hudson’s Bay, with Christmas shopping usually being a huge draw for customers.

Dan Kelly, chief executive of the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses aptly commented on this matter, “Why can you not buy Christmas decorations at the Bay, but you can at Walmart?”.

It’s even worse for small businesses, which have even less options than HBC. Small businesses and larger corporations without groceries are all calling on the Ontario government to recognize that getting sick is no more likely in their stores than in a grocery store.

Tens of thousands of employees are currently out of work at these locations, at a time where they should be in stores making plenty of money before the Christmas holidays.

Hudson's Bay stated in their lawsuit, “Of all months to impose a full lockdown, this is by far the most crippling for HBC”. HBC joins alongside many other similar stores anxiously await the judicial ruling in response to this challenge.

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