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Erin O'Toole Initiates Process to Remove Derek Sloan From PC Caucus

Last week, PressProgress, a strongly left-leaning website founded by the Broadbent Institute, contacted the Conservative Party of Canada to request a comment about a $131 donation made by neo-Nazi Paul Fromm.

The Party then responded by revealing that the donation was not directed towards the party, but to one of this year’s leadership candidates, MP Derek Sloan.

Erin O’Toole followed up by initiating the removal of Sloan from the Conservative caucus, saying in a Twitter post on January 17th, “There is no place for the far right in our Party”.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed his support for this decision, saying that the Liberal party is ‘pleased’ that Derek Sloan may be getting removed, after they have called for his removal for months.

Sloan is defiant to the accusations his party and the media has made against him, pointing out that Fromm was accepted as a member of the party and voted in the leadership election without raising a single red flag.

Journalist Justin Lang additionally noted that Fromm donated under the alias “Frederick P. Fromm”.

“We had over 13,000 donations and obviously I did not closely scrutinize the donor names,” said Sloan on social media, “When the problematic donation was brought to my attention, I immediately asked (the Conservative Party) Executive Director to refund the donation”.

For Sloan to be removed this Wednesday, 20% of all caucus members would have to co-sign a written notice, and then his expulsion must be approved by secret ballot by a majority of the caucus.

This means O’Toole must get 24 MP’s to co-sign his written notice, and then get an additional 37 to vote for his expulsion.

So far, the Conservative leader has signed up at least 26 MPs, enough to trigger the vote Wednesday morning.

O’Toole has made it clear that he considers Sloan as “far right”, despite defending some of Sloan’s position during the CPC leadership race.

Sloan takes traditional social conservative views on many topics, including gender, conversion therapy, abortion, and Canadian involvement with China.

The MP released a video elaborating on his position during this alleged “scandal” saying that he, “of course, condemns racism, condemns hatred of any kind”.

O’Toole called Sloan’s acceptance of the donation, “far worse than a gross error of judgement or failure of due diligence”.

Sloan maintains that he was not aware of the donation (especially since it was made under a pseudonym) or who it was from. He still does not have much knowledge about who Fromm is, and has yet to be contacted by O’Toole’s office to provide an official comment.

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