Carey Price gets Tweeted out by CBC Journalist over a NFA flag in the background of a family photo

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Carey Price recently posted a family portrait with himself and his daughter on Instagram. it appears in the photo that he is teaching his daughter .

It is a “No Compromise” flag bearing the symbol of the NFA which combines our maple leaf with a rifle.

Quick to point out the photo was Kristy Snell with CBC. She commented, "Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price posted a photo with his child yesterday... and the pro-gun 'No compromise' flag behind him is drawing some attention on social media."

The post has gained traction and the responses vary in degrees of tolerance. Some stand in support and thank Price for standing up for gun owners rights. Others find it insensitive, in light of mass shootings happening in the states, to be posting that flag.

It is certainly a sign on the times when freedom of speech and expression is shamed even in one's home. When did we as a society start to look past the object of a photo and turn the background into a source of division?

Shall we also attack the fact that he represents a well known Canadian team but is also sporting an American flag? If we are going to be petty let's do it right. What else can we condemn a man for that has nothing to do with the moment captured.

It's time to realize that their are two types of gun owners: good people who understand safety, and ownership. Then there are those who intend to do harm. Accidents with firearms do happen. This is no secret. However, accidents happen with vehicles, kitchen knives, and stairs. Should we all be riding in a horse and buggy, using only butter knives and avoiding stairs at all costs? Sounds silly doesn't it?

When you google Carey Price, all that comes up are his stats and athletic history. Is he perfect? Definitely not. Is he a bad person for being pro firearm's? There is no evidence to support that theory either. If I had a say I would hedge a bet that he falls into the responsible gun ownership category.

What is seen in this photo is a Dad spending time and interacting with his child. Taking a moment to teach her something. Do you see that look on her face? That's called focused, that's called engaged. There are people, even anti-firearms individuals that don't spend time with their kids like this.

Yet, for some reason people are all up in social media acting like the photo portrayed some sort of crazy and irresponsible gun ownership propaganda with the intent to stir fear into the community.

Differences of opinion are allowed, that's why it's called Canada. If you disagree then keep scrolling and let a family have their moment.

Side note: If it's so bad that this photo is on twitter that why would sharing it for more people to see, be beneficial for anyone?

Within the indigenous communities, Firearms is a way of life and we use these hunting tools are way to provide for our families and friends.

Focus on the real issues facing Canadian rather than trying to divide us apart.

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