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Candidates encourage voter fraud in Fort McMurray

Tiffany Burroughs
Updated: 3 June 2023
1 min to read

It has recently been discovered that certain candidates have been encouraging people who are not eligible to vote to show up to the polls, in spite of their ineligibility. With the municipal election occurring today, the pressure is on to get individuals informed of their options and out to vote; however, it would appear certain candidates are intentionally misleading the population on who is actually eligible.

In Canada, in order to be eligible to vote, you must be: be 18 years of age or older; be a Canadian Citizen; live in the Municipality on Election Day; and produce authorized identification or be vouched for as to their eligibility by an elector.

This means Permanent Residents (i.e: non-citizens) are ineligible to vote in the 2021 Election for Council, School Board, Senate and Referendum, but this hasn’t stopped candidates from unfortunately spreading misinformation and informing certain segments of the population that they are indeed able to vote (when they are not), and to disregard any push back concerning their eligibility.

This is beyond concerning: it falls into the category of blatant election fraud.

If you see or hear of this happening or have questions from residents as to their eligibility, please direct them to the Elections Office. They may call 780-743-7000 or email [email protected].

The email describing the incident can be seen below.

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Updated: 3 June 2023
1 min to read

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