Alberta: Nikki Mathis just tested negative for covid again and is still being held

Earlier Friday, Nikki Mathis was put into quarantine by government officials at a state-run isolation facility upon her arrival at Calgary International Airport, despite having tested negative prior to her flight. According to her husband Chris, Mathis was threatened with arrest if she refused to comply. The Buffalo Tribune obtained exclusive footage from Nikki Mathis via Chris, showing her room in the facility. Mathis says she feels "locked-up," and concedes that while it's a "nice hotel room," she'd rather "have her own bedroom [back home]."

Mathis notes in the video how there's a guard staffed outside her door, preventing her from leaving.

Member of Parliament David Yurdiga has called the situation deplorable, stating that "this incident goes against everything that makes us Canadians. We should demand far better from our government; to not even know where our loved ones are being held is a both a breach of government trust and a massive instance of state overreach."

Soon after, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms announced its intent to sue the federal government, calling Mathis' forced confinement unconstitutional and demanding her immediate release. The organization subsequently decided to begin legal proceedings against the federal government.

Kenney has denied that the AHS was involved:

The Buffalo Tribune is following this developing story closely.

The Buffalo Tribune has spoke with Nicole Mathis and she is detained at the Westin Hotel located beside the Calgary Airport. Nicki's results have came back negative again and she is till be held at this current time.

This will be her 3rd covid test conducted this week on Mrs. Mathis

Neumi is the company conducting the covid 19 tests on Nikki while she is being detained.

Red Cross Worker have been located on the facility premises with federal officers wearing red vests.

Nicki has been told she will be discharged in the AM.

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