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BLM Canada Buys $8 Million Toronto Mansion, Immediately Draws Controversy

Black Lives Matter Canada's activists are livid over the leadership's recent $8.1 million cash purchase of a mansion in downtown Toronto. The building is the former headquarters of the Communist Party of Canada.

"For BLM Canada to take money from BLM Global Network [Foundation] for a building without consulting the community was unethical," Canadian BLM activists Sarah Jama and Sahra Soudi said in a recent statement. "For BLM Canada to refuse to answer questions from young Black organizers goes against the spirit of movement-building."

BLM Canada, in response, said the Toronto property, which they dubbed the Wildseed Centre for Art and Activism, would serve as a "vessel that seeks to nurture Black radical creation in Toronto and beyond."

"Wildseed is a transformed industrial space; a blank canvas reimagined as a multipurpose artist-run community incubator, gallery, studio and home to Black lives Matter — Canada," Wildseed's website reads. "Wildseed is a transfeminist, queer affirming space politically aligned with supporting Black liberation work across Canada."

Meanwhile, BLM Canada's chairwoman, Sandy Hudson, said in an op-ed that the property came with a "history of resistance," having previously housed the Communist Party of Canada for over 30 years.

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