Alberta MP launches petition against assault rifle terminology

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

MP for Fort McMurray—Cold Lake David Yurdiga is set to launch a gun rights petition in an attempt to draw some positive focus to firearms and to help educate non-firearms users.

"The term “assault rifle” is unscientific, inaccurate, and it is misleading," the petition reads. "The term was created by anti-gun lobbyists and organizations to scare voters who don’t know anything about guns. Please consider signing this petition to stop the Canadian government from using this term."

It continues by describing the erroneous nature of the term 'assault' rifle. "[The notion of the] "assault rifle" was intentionally designed to make guns seem scary to the general

population. The Browning A5, a semi-automatic shotgun, was not included on the ban list

but the Deyra arms MK 12, also a semi-automatic shotgun, was. Why would two semi-

automatic shotguns not be classified the same way? It is because the Liberals think that

spray painting a gun back or replacing wooden parts with plastic parts turns a

semiautomatic shotgun into an assault rifle," the petition proceeds.

"This petition will be presented to the Prime Minister to show him that gun owners will

not stand by as their rights are being violated. Please help us stop this infringement of the

rights of all Canadians. We are gathering as many signatures from as many people as

possible. Any help you can give would be appreciated."

TBT reached out to Yurdiga for additional comment.

"[The term] 'assault rifle' was generated by the media and the anti-gun groups because the word assault itself gives a negative connotation and assumes everyone owning a tactical rifle is a criminal," the three-term MP told TBT. "The term “assault rifle” is often used to describe rifles that have one of these features. [such as an] adjustable stock, vertical fore grip, quad rails for mounting things like a laser [sight], a muzzle brake or compensator and bayonet mounts usually found on ancient SKS rifles. These rifles are classified as tactical rifles, as they give users more versatility and practicality while using their firearm." Yurdiga continued by describing how the government stretches the truth about gun terminology. "The media and government refers to the AR15 as an "assault-rifle 15" whereas in reality it is an Armalite Rifle, named after the company that developed it in the 1950's." "With this anti-gun mentality, they've even managed to include some airsoft and paint ball guns in the ban. Given this trend, I would not be surprised if they banned some NERF guns or other such fake guns in the future. This current cancel culture needs to be cancelled."

The NFA has applauded the move by Yurdiga. Jordan Vanderhoff, Ontario's Regional Director, was approached by TBT for commentary. "I think this is a great idea," he told us. "Let's take away the buzz words that strike fear so we can go after the real problem.”

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