76 year old women sued Trudeau for Defamation case, She wants JT to testify

Three years ago 76 year old Diane Blaine attended an event and continually attempted to bring up immigration with Trudeau while he was on stage.

During this time Trudeau loudly scolded her in French saying, “Madam, your intolerance is not welcome here.” This was followed by cheers from the crowd as Trudeau continued yelling French into the microphone.

Blaine was completely embarrassed. She decided to take Trudeau to court for charges of defamation of character. She is seeking $90,000 for damages.

This last week Blaine stated her case in court. During her testimony she stated, “I’m not racist. I’m tolerant. I’m a nurse. I care for people who are yellow, red or black… I have empathy.”

The judge rebuked her and brought up some offensive comments that she had posted on her own social media.

Blaine also requested that Trudeau come to the courthouse to testify on this matter. Both Lawyers consented to a pre-trial disclosure. The judge will make a decision regarding this matter. If the judge grants the pre-trial disclosure Trudeau will not have to testify in court.

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