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Wanted Outlaws Slot

Wanted Outlaws Slot
Min. bet $0.1
Max. bet $100
Reels 5
Paylines 3125
RTP 96.41%

Wanted Outlaws Slot Machine

Software Release Date RTP Volatility Max Win (x of Bet Amount) Bet Range (Min-Max) Number of Reels Betting Methods
Provider A March 1, 2022 96.5% High 5000x $0.25 – $100 5 Fixed Coin Size

Pros and Cons of the Wanted Outlaws Slot Machine

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Pros and Cons of the Wanted Outlaws Slot Machine

Pros Cons
✅ Entertaining gameplay ❌ High risk of losing money
✅ Engaging theme based on outlaws and the Wild West ❌ Addiction potential if not played responsibly
✅ High-quality graphics and sound effects ❌ Lack of control over outcomes
✅ Exciting bonus features and mini-games ❌ Requires luck rather than skill
✅ Wide range of betting options ❌ Potential for significant financial losses
✅ Chance to win large jackpots ❌ Can be time-consuming
✅ Availability of flexible betting strategies ❌ May create unrealistic expectations of winning
✅ Accessible on various devices and platforms ❌ Limited social interaction compared to other forms of gambling

Theme of Want Outlaws Slot Machine: A Wild-West Adventure

Into the Wild West

Welcome to the thrilling world of Want Outlaws Slot Machine – a game that takes you back to the lawless and untamed era of the Wild West. Get ready to ride alongside notorious bandits and brace yourself for a high-stakes gambling experience like no other!

The Characters

In Want Outlaws, you’ll encounter an array of charismatic characters, both the notorious outlaws and the brave lawmen determined to bring them to justice. Meet the likes of Wild Bill, the fearless gunslinger with unrivaled shooting skills, and Belle Starr, the enchanting outlaw queen who knows how to get what she wants. Alongside them, Marshal Wyatt will stop at nothing to uphold the law, while the sly and cunning Jesse James seeks to outwit his pursuers.

Your Mission

As a player, your mission is to join forces with either the outlaws or the lawmen and help them in their quest for glory, riches, and conquest. Choose your side wisely, as it will determine the course of your adventure and the rewards that await. Spin the reels, collect wanted posters, and unlock special features and bonuses that can lead you to massive wins.

Music and Graphics

The soundtrack of Want Outlaws immerses you in the ambiance of the Wild West, featuring twanging guitars, harmonicas, and the rhythmic beats of a saloon piano. As the reels spin, you’ll be transported to dusty frontier towns, with tumbleweeds rolling by and the scorching sun casting long shadows. The graphics capture the essence of the era, showcasing detailed portraits of the infamous outlaws and the brave lawmen who pursue them.

So saddle up, partner! The Want Outlaws Slot Machine is waiting for you to hit the spin button and embark on a thrilling journey through the Wild West. Whether you’re an outlaw with a heart of gold or a lawman out to bring justice, the rewards and excitement of this game are simply irresistible. It’s time to channel your inner cowboy and show the world who’s boss! Enjoy the ride and keep those reels spinning!

Winning Combinations in Wanted Outlaws Slot Machine

Symbol Combination Quantity Payout (X)
Wild West Wanted Poster 5 100000
Outlaw Gang 5 50000
Sheriff’s Badge 5 25000
Revolver 5 20000
Bounty Hunter 5 15000
Horse 5 10000
Money Bag 5 7500
Golden Star 5 5000
Ace 5 2500
King 5 2500
Queen 5 2000
Jack 5 2000
Ten 5 1500
Nine 5 1500

In the thrilling world of Wanted Outlaws Slot Machine, victory lies in the winning combinations of iconic Wild West symbols. This high-stakes game rewards the daring and lucky alike. So saddle up and seize your chance to strike it rich!

The most coveted combination is the legendary Wild West Wanted Poster. If you manage to reveal 5 of these elusive posters on the reels, a jaw-dropping jackpot of 100,000 times your bet will be yours. It’s like hitting the mother lode of gold!

A gang of Outlaws is also a highly profitable sight on the reels. Match 5 of these notorious criminals, and you’ll be rewarded with a hefty payout of 50,000 times your bet. It’s like robbing a bank without the risk!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the prestigious Sheriff’s Badge and the trusty Revolver. These symbols, when landing in a group of 5, can bring you 25,000 and 20,000 times your bet, respectively. It’s like being the law in a lawless land!

As you venture through the wild terrain, you may encounter a formidable Bounty Hunter and a trusty Horse. These symbols, when appearing 5 times on the reels, offer rewards of 15,000 and 10,000 times your bet. It’s like capturing the most wanted and riding away into the sunset!

Keep an eye out for valuable loot in the form of a bulging Money Bag or a shining Golden Star. These symbols, when appearing in groups of 5, can multiply your bet by 7,500 and 5,000 times, respectively. It’s like discovering hidden treasures!

Even the playing cards hold their own fortune in this thrilling game. The magnanimous Ace and King offer rewards of 2,500 times your bet when matched 5 times. The elegant Queen, Jack, Ten, and Nine bring handsome rewards of 2,000 and 1,500 times your bet, respectively. It’s like having a royal flush in your hand!

So, fellow player, ready your wits and place your bets. With these winning combinations, you can conquer the Wild West and ride off into the sunset with pockets full of gold. Good luck and may fortune smile upon you!

Controls and Setup for the Wanted Outlaws Slot Machine

1. Spin Button

The spin button is the ultimate trigger that sets the reels in motion. Give it a bang and watch the reels roll to reveal your fate. This is where the action begins!

2. Bet Level

Adjust the bet level to determine how much you’re willing to stake per spin. It’s your call, partner! Increase the heat and go all-in or play it safe with a conservative bet.

3. Coin Value

This control lets you choose the value of each coin you’re willing to wager. From pennies to high rollers’ gold, strike the balance that suits your style and budget.

4. Max Bet

Feeling lucky, cowboy? Hit the Max Bet button to go all-out and unleash the wild west spirit within you. Just be ready to face the consequences in this high-stakes gamble!

5. Autoplay

Looking for a break from spinning the reels manually? Engage the Autoplay feature, sit back, and relax as the reels spin automatically for a set number of rounds. Enjoy the show while the slot machine does the work!

6. Paytable

Curious about the value of each symbol and the potential paylines? The Paytable reveals all the secrets you need to know. Study it carefully, partner, and plan your winning strategy accordingly.

7. Lines

Choose the number of paylines you wish to activate in each spin. Remember, more lines mean more chances to strike gold, but it also increases the overall bet. Balance your risk and reward wisely!

8. Sound Settings

Tweak the sound settings to match your mood. Whether you prefer the authentic wild west saloon ambiance or a silent showdown, customize the audio to create your perfect gambling atmosphere.

9. Graphics Quality

Adjust the graphics quality to suit your device and preferences. From stunning high-definition visuals to a more lightweight performance-focused mode, make your slot machine experience visually captivating!

10. Game Settings

The game settings allow you to personalize your gameplay further. From toggling quick spin to setting up specific betting limits or activating additional features, make the game truly yours!

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