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The Sword and The Grail Slot

The Sword and The Grail Slot
Min. bet $0.1
Max. bet $100
Reels 5
Paylines 20
RTP 94.5%
Provider Play n go

Sword and the Grail Slot Machine

Information Data
Software Play’n GO
Release Date July 25, 2019
RTP 96.53%
Volatility High
Max Win (x of Bet Amount) 10,000x
Bet Range (Min-Max) $0.10-$100
Number of Reels 5
Betting Methods Fixed Paylines

Pros and Cons of the Sword and the Grail Slot Machine

Pros ✅ Cons ❌
The Sword and the Grail slot machine offers an exciting and immersive gaming experience. The slot machine may be too intense for some players, especially those looking for a more casual gambling experience.
The game features stunning graphics and animations, transporting players to a medieval world of knights and legends. The Sword and the Grail slot machine may not appeal to players who prefer modern or themed slot games.
The slot machine offers a wide range of betting options, catering to both low and high rollers. The Sword and the Grail slot machine can be highly volatile and may result in significant losses for players.
The game includes various bonus features, such as free spins and multiplier wilds, which can significantly increase winnings. Players may find it challenging to trigger the bonus features, resulting in prolonged gameplay without significant rewards.
The Sword and the Grail slot machine has a high return to player (RTP) percentage, increasing the chances of winning in the long run. Due to its popularity, the game may often be crowded, making it difficult for players to secure a slot on the machine.
The slot machine offers a thrilling and immersive soundtrack that enhances the overall gaming experience. Players who are not fans of medieval themes may find the sound effects and music distracting or unappealing.

As a passionate gambler, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of the Sword and the Grail slot machine to determine if it aligns with your preferences and gaming style. With its captivating graphics, exciting bonus features, and diverse betting options, the Sword and the Grail slot machine has the potential to provide an exhilarating gambling experience. However, its intense gameplay and high volatility may not suit those seeking a more relaxed or thematically different slot game. Additionally, the popularity of the game may lead to overcrowding, making it challenging for players to find an available machine. Nevertheless, considering the game’s generous return to player percentage and immersive soundtrack, the Sword and the Grail slot machine certainly has its allure. So, if you’re ready to embark on a medieval adventure and test your luck, give this slot machine a spin and see if it becomes your holy grail of gaming!

Sword and the Grail Slot Machine: A Sword-Wielding Adventure


Welcome to the thrilling world of the Sword and the Grail slot machine! Prepare to embark on an Arthurian quest like no other as you spin the reels and immerse yourself in the legendary tales of knights, swords, and the fabled Holy Grail.

Theme and Symbols

The theme of the Sword and the Grail slot machine revolves around the timeless tale of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table. The game is beautifully designed, with stunning graphics and symbols that bring the Arthurian legends to life. Look out for the Excalibur sword, the Holy Grail cup, Merlin’s staff, and the brave knights that populate the reels.

Character Descriptions

As you spin the reels, you’ll encounter a cast of iconic characters from the Arthurian legends. King Arthur himself takes center stage as the highest-paying symbol, radiating strength and nobility. His loyal knights, such as Lancelot, Gawain, and Percival, stand by his side, ready to help you on your quest. Keep an eye out for the mystical and wise wizard Merlin, who can cast powerful spells to boost your winnings.

Objectives and Gameplay

In the Sword and the Grail slot machine, your main objective is to land winning combinations on the reels to unlock enchanting bonuses and prizes. Immerse yourself in the medieval world by activating the Free Spins feature, where you have the chance to upgrade your symbols and increase your multipliers. Collect Excalibur swords to unlock additional free spins and progress through the stages of the game, ultimately reaching the elusive Holy Grail for legendary rewards.

Music and Graphics

The Sword and the Grail slot machine boasts an epic soundtrack that sets the stage for an unforgettable adventure. The music swells with anticipation as you spin the reels, creating a sense of excitement and immersion. The graphics are nothing short of astonishing, with detailed illustrations of mythical landscapes, majestic castles, and intricately designed symbols. Watch as the reels come to life, accompanied by stunning animations and seamless transitions that enhance the overall gaming experience.

Sword and the Grail Slot Machine: Unleash Your Inner Knight

Winning Combinations in The Sword and The Grail Slot Machine

Alright, folks! Gather ’round and let me shine some light on the glorious winning combinations you can score in The Sword and The Grail slot machine. This game is packed with excitement and rewards, so strap yourselves in and get ready to cash in big time!

Now, let’s talk about the symbols that you want to see falling on those reels. Keep your eyes peeled for the legendary Excalibur sword, the Holy Grail, noble knights, and powerful wizards. These symbols are your ticket to winning it all!

Symbol Quantity Winning Payout
Excalibur Sword 2 2X
Excalibur Sword 3 20X
Excalibur Sword 4 100X
Excalibur Sword 5 500X
Holy Grail 2 4X
Holy Grail 3 25X
Holy Grail 4 150X
Holy Grail 5 1000X
Noble Knights 3 15X
Noble Knights 4 60X
Noble Knights 5 250X
Powerful Wizards 3 10X
Powerful Wizards 4 40X
Powerful Wizards 5 150X

Remember, my gambling amigos, the more symbols you land on the reels, the higher your payouts will be. So keep spinning those reels and watch your wins multiply like rabbits!

It’s time to join the knights of fortune and embark on an epic journey towards immense riches. The Sword and The Grail slot machine awaits for those brave souls ready to seize their destiny. Good luck and may the reels be ever in your favor!

Controls in The Sword and the Grail Slot Machine

When playing The Sword and the Grail slot machine, you’ll find various controls that allow you to customize your gaming experience. Here are the buttons and their functions:

  • Spin Button: This button sets the reels in motion, initiating a spin to potentially land winning combinations.
  • AutoPlay: By clicking this button, you can activate the AutoPlay feature, letting the game automatically spin the reels for a predetermined number of times without manual intervention.
  • Bet Value: Use this control to adjust the amount you want to wager on each spin. Increase or decrease the bet value based on your preference and budget.
  • Max Bet: This button allows you to instantly set the maximum bet amount possible in the game. Use it if you’re feeling lucky!
  • Paytable: Clicking on this button will open the game’s paytable, where you can view the values of each symbol, the details of bonus features, and the paylines available.
  • Sound Controls: These buttons enable you to adjust the volume or mute the game’s sound effects and background music.
  • Settings: By accessing the settings button, you can personalize various options according to your preferences, such as game speed, graphics quality, or quick spin mode.
  • Balance: This display shows your current available balance, allowing you to keep track of your funds as you play the game.
  • Win: The win display showcases your current payout for each winning spin.
  • Lines: This control enables you to select the number of active paylines you want to bet on. Adjusting this value affects your overall bet amount and winning potential.
  • Gamble: After a successful spin, the gamble button may become available. By clicking it, you can opt to gamble your winnings for a chance to increase them but beware, as you can also lose them.

Setting up The Sword and the Grail slot machine is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose your preferred online casino or gambling platform that offers The Sword and the Grail slot machine.
  2. Create an account or log in to your existing account.
  3. Make a deposit into your casino account to have funds available for playing.
  4. Search for The Sword and the Grail slot machine in the game library.
  5. Click on the game to launch it.
  6. Customize your bet value, number of active paylines, and other settings according to your preferences.
  7. Click the spin button to start playing and enjoy the thrilling adventure this slot machine offers!

FAQ: Sword and the Grail Slot Machine

What is the Sword and the Grail slot machine?

The Sword and the Grail slot machine is a thrilling online video slot game that takes players on an epic medieval adventure in search of the legendary Holy Grail. This highly popular slot is designed by top-notch gaming provider Play’n GO and offers exciting gameplay, immersive graphics, and the chance to win big prizes.

How many reels and paylines does the Sword and the Grail slot machine have?

The Sword and the Grail slot machine features a standard layout of 5 reels and 20 paylines. With multiple paylines, players have more opportunities to form winning combinations and secure their quest for the Holy Grail.

Are there any special features in the Sword and the Grail slot machine?

Absolutely! The Sword and the Grail slot machine is packed with exciting features to enhance your gameplay. Look out for the Wild symbol represented by King Arthur himself, as it can substitute for all other symbols on the reels (except the Scatter) to help you form winning combinations. Additionally, there’s a Free Spins feature triggered by landing three or more Holy Grail Scatter symbols. During this feature, you can progress through different stages, receiving increased multipliers and the potential to achieve epic wins.

How do I increase my chances of winning on the Sword and the Grail slot machine?

While landing winning combinations on slot machines is primarily luck-based, there are some strategies or tips you can take advantage of. Firstly, it’s always a good idea to play with a budget that you are comfortable with. Secondly, make sure to understand the paytable and the game’s features before you start spinning. Lastly, consider playing the game in demo mode first to familiarize yourself with its mechanics and test different betting strategies. Remember, responsible gambling is key!

Can I play the Sword and the Grail slot machine on my mobile device?

Absolutely! The Sword and the Grail slot machine is fully optimized for mobile play. You can enjoy this thrilling slot game on your smartphone or tablet, whether you are using an iOS or Android device. Immerse yourself in the medieval adventure wherever you go and chase your dreams of finding the Holy Grail on the move!